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October 28, 2014

According to a recent survey by the Physician's Foundation, most doctors are giving low grades to Obamacare, with a majority grading Obamacare at a "D" or "F." Only 25 percent of physicians polled gave Obamacare an "...

October 28, 2014

A powerful prescription medication, Embeda, now has labeling that has been approved by the FDA to describe the drug's abuse-deterrent properties. This label has a claim which indicates that Embeda has properties that...

September 10, 2014

Starting mid-October 2014, highly addictive painkillers, including Vicodin, will be recognized as Schedule II medication under the Controlled Substances Act. This change has been long awaited, as Americans rely more...

July 19, 2014

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — For women taking certain kinds of pain relievers, a heart attack could be waiting in their medicine cabinets.

A University of Florida study has found that the regular use of some non-...

July 15, 2014

A pain assessment is a standard procedure inobtaining clinical information about a patient's pain condition. Many doctors rely on a patient to inform them about characteristics of their condition such as severity,...

June 26, 2014

Research done by the UNC School of Medicine is discovering a new route to pain prevention. PIP5K1C is an enzyme that regulates the cellular receptors, which indicate pain. By researching the possible ways of reducing...

June 26, 2014

Relaxation following a peak in stress has been found to be a leading cause for migraine headaches. A study by Montefiore Headache Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine revealed a correlation between a...

June 26, 2014

A recent study with a focal emphasis on self-care and integrative treatment of chronic pain involving complimentary non-medicinal therapy revealed that Yoga, tai chi and music therapy proved to be beneficially...

June 26, 2014

Expansion of medications that conflict overdose and addiction are being urged in the direction of medication-assisted therapies. Medications like methadone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone are once a month treatments...

June 26, 2014

Recent advances in F.D.A. opioid abuse prevention suggest Zohydro, a less liver tasking pharmaceutical, and stricter regulation on not just a single opioid drug. Rather, catching the roots of the issue being...